Motorcycle Marketing during Covid

First, some good news – there are still a lot of ways to market your motorcycle company or biker rally even during Covid. Next, most of the marketing strategies and tools we are referring to have been around and improving over the last few years.

Next, the reason why a lot of companies and motorcycle rallies do not use them is simply because do not know a lot about them, how to use them, etc. And we are not only referring to small business or events. Even companies that generate up to $5 million per year and most of the largest biker rallies don’t use many of the best motorcycle marketing strategies and tools.

As you know and unfortunately, a lot of businesses and rallies are not going to survive Covid. Now, if you are involved in either of these types of ventures you know that the motorcycle industry has been in decline for over 10 years. But Covid does offer some possible great news for your business.

Although it sounds strange, the good news is rapid change. Now there are going to be a lot of small to large biker businesses and rallies that go out of business, fade away, or merge during the Coronavirus. So how is that good news? Well that means that there is going to be a reshuffling of which companies and events are successful and which are not. And that means that potentially your company can be one that emerges much higher in the shuffle.

Another potentially good thing about Covid is that a lot of the changes will happen within the next 6 to 24 months. Before Covid the vast majority of companies had gradual improvements or declines over long periods of time. Now, the changes in the future are going to happen a lot faster. Think of if the top two competitors fade in your segment. For your biker business or rally, this can drastically change your bottom-line.

Next, we are not going to tell you to optimize your site, do a total site design, pay for ads on sites, etc. The reason is because not all businesses need the same thing. Also, these are not shorter term strategies to generate money for most businesses.

So there is hope with motorcycle industry marketing during Covid. But the allocation of your marketing budget has to be spent wiser, utilizing the best tools available, and using strategies that can help your company survive and thrive during Coronavirus. You can also read our marketing client’s results.

If you need help on how to marketing during Covid please e-mail us at Include a brief overview of your company and the website address. We will evaluate it and get you further information on if we have a good fit in working with your company.