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Rank for Phrases Convert into Sales

Your business’s bottom line will suffer without quality on-page motorcycle SEO (search engine optimization).

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in building your company, website, graphics, products, inventory, etc. But maybe you’re now wondering how to generate more revenue. Having a top-shelf on-page optimization agency is one area that will help you.

Next, our marketing company understands that having revenue problems can be stressful. First, stressing out is horrible, especially with so much effort put into your business. However, the on-page optimization information below will help.

On-page SEO for your site is one of the best and fastest online strategies for generating revenue. Another way is through paid ads. But you need to do both for your company to thrive and survive. Yes, other ways exist to generate more sales for your business. However, on this page, I will focus on on-page SEO for motorcycle websites.

Definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO can be defined as improving a website to get more visibility and rankings for valuable search phrases.

What Is Biker SEO?

First, here are two popular questions about on-page questions our agency gets:

Below are answers to these questions.

Types of Search Optimization

Besides on-page/content optimization, there are two other types of SEO. First is the off-page optimization. It includes the activities done off your site to rank better. Although backlinks are the most known part of off-page, there is more to it.

The second part of optimization is technical motorcycle SEO. And this type of SEO includes improving a site’s technical performance to increase user experience and rankings.

Another type of optimization is for featured snippet results. These are the results that go above the top organic ranking site.

SEO Ranking & Traffic Example

Now, a big SEO tip is to use website tools to check the quality of all three types of optimization. An oversimplified explanation is to give your motorcycle site an overall SEO score of 1 to 100.

For discussion’s sake, let’s say that the three types of SEO scores can be from 0 to 33.33. To continue with this example, let’s say that your SEO consultant does a solid job on two types of search optimization (off-page and technical SEO). Of the possible scores in these two categories, both get a score of 30.

Next, let’s say the third area, website content SEO, is not addressed or done well. And it gets 10 out of 33.33 points.

All three scores equal 70 (30 plus 30 plus 10). So, if a letter grade expresses the score, it gets a C-. If the score were just one point lower, the letter grade would be a D+.

But this optimization grade/quality won’t get you many sales. With a C-/D+ overall SEO grade, your website won’t be on the first page of Google results. And it definitely won’t be for the most valuable competitive phrases.

Notably, only 5% of people go to the second page of Google results. Subsequently, without an expert optimization agency, you’ve lost your chance to reach a huge part of your target audience on Google!

Note that you should never use black hat SEO techniques. These techniques try to gain rankings that go against Google’s recommendations.

Before You Start On-Page Optimization

Here is an overview of how on-page search optimization is done. Other items must be completed before creating content for your biker site starts. For instance, research and analysis must be conducted on the industry, product(s) or service(s), and competitor(s).

Next, a clear target audience of riders must be identified. Also, the more accurate your audience is, the higher the conversion rate of visitors to sales will be.

Let’s say your target audience is 80% accurate. That means 20% of your money is spent on marketing and advertising your business, brings little value. You know your company’s numbers best, but I assume this amount wasted is significant to you.

After your audience is defined, your site’s content audit is performed. The audit will show an expert SEO marketer where opportunities exist to generate traffic that converts into sales.

In addition, keyword research must be done. Importantly, research lets your site’s marketer know what phrases are used to search for your products or services. Then, you need to do A/B tests of different content versions to see which performs best. Also, you should use the MVP marketing approach to make data-driven decisions. 

On-Page Content Writing Begins

After completing the above items, the on-page writing of your site’s content begins. Many on-site marketers think that Google has 200 different ranking criteria. Although that number is incorrect (per Google), it’s important to know that there are many ranking factors. Any qualified on-site content optimizer will understand the above and Google’s ranking factors.

Here are some important on-page SEO factors:

  • Content must read well first and then be optimized for search engines second.
  • SEO title
  • Page title
  • H tag usage
  • Subheadings
  • Using a top-down writing strategy
  • Inline text links
  • Alt tags
  • Bullet points
  • Using infographics
  • Posting videos
  • And dozens more items

Why You Must Have Quality Content

You might have heard that “Content is king.” This phrase refers to how important your site’s content is for SEO. But in today’s world, I prefer to say, “Quality content is king.” My quote emphasizes that optimized content is essential for rankings. However, it also stresses that the content must read well to convince visitors to buy.

There are various SEO strategies and techniques for the other ranking factors. Also, there is some flexibility regarding how each search optimization factor is completed.

More importantly, there are endless ways not to do SEO correctly. This can result in the content created for your website that doesn’t help, or even worse, content that hurts the optimization.

Do It Yourself SEO Content

Yes, you can certainly do your own site’s content SEO. However, optimization is much more complex than most people think. For your company to succeed, it is crucial to have an on-page expert.

Eventually, they help your site rank number 15 for a phrase. Unfortunately, the new person to SEO wasted time and effort. Less than 1% of searchers click on the 15th result. But let’s say an SEO expert can get that phrase to rank number 2. And ranking in the second position gets 21% of all clicks.

Think why over half of businesses fail in the first five years. Those businesses fail in large part because they lack revenue.

Here’s another essential thing to consider if you want to do your on-page content. You will be competing for rankings against expert optimization marketers. Note that a simplified explanation of how sites are ranked is that they are ordered by the best SEO for a particular phrase.

Here’s what you can do to change your biker site’s traffic significantly:

  • Create a solid SEO content creation plan.
  • Research to see what is and isn’t working.
  • Formulate new content strategies.
  • Use data to drive decisions. You can read about this in the MVP marketing approach.
  • Use excellent SEO skills.
  • Utilize your knowledge of the motorcycle world, riders, and riding to create content that appeals to your target audience.

Competing for Search Rankings

Notably, larger companies are almost always competing for the exact phrases. These companies are most likely paying a lot for an internal and/or external SEO expert.

Consequently, if your company doesn’t have a budget that is as large as that of larger companies, it creates a challenge to rank. And if your motorcycle SEO agency isn’t an expert, you most likely can’t compete for rankings with many mid-size companies.

Subsequently, not having an on-page content expert is costly. And this is because struggling costs your company both time and money. Notably, the time wasted also means your motorcycle company isn’t earning as much as it could.

Think about how much this costs your company. How much is your employee getting paid? How many sales are lost when an in-house web person tries content optimization? Well, at some point, whether for a month or three months, it is much more expensive than hiring an SEO expert.

Finally, our website search & website experts have been doing quality content optimization, marketing, and SEO since 2005. Notably, we’ve focused exclusively on the motorcycle industry because expertise matters. Your content will be optimized and read well because of our marketing skills, biker background, and riding experience.

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