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Motorcycle Website Design

Your motorcycle website design agency can make or break your online business. This is because your website is the centerpiece of your online biker business. Unfortunately, many site design consultants can hurt your motorcycle company. 

Here are a couple of statistics that show how the quality of the design of your motorcycle site impacts your revenue:

  • 94% of first impressions of your online business are related to its motorcycle site’s design (Researchgate.net).
  • 75% of online users judge the credibility of your website based on its overall look (Invisionapp.com).
Motorcycle Website Design

Website Design vs. Development

Next, there’s a difference between website design and development. First, design creates the visual aspects of your site. Then, web development creates your biker site’s functional elements and performance.

List of Motorcycle Site Elements

Revolution looks at many items when designing biker sites. Here is an abbreviated list of 25 elements that our consultants look at when creating your motorcycle site design:

  1. What’s going to make your motorcycle company the most money.
  2. Everything our website design agency does centers on what your visitors need to become not just customers but loyal, repeat customers.
  3. Our design consultants use Google Analytics lets us know what is and isn’t working with your current motorcycle site. Analytics allows us to see how to create improved website marketing strategies and changes to your site’s design.
  4. Content audits help us see how your site’s pages are performing. These audits help discover new content marketing and SEO opportunities for your content and motorcycle site design changes.
  5. Clearly define your motorcycle website’s goals. After all, we need to know what our agency will create.
  6. We use a visual hierarchy to structure your biker website. By this, I mean that we arrange the design elements of your site to show and accentuate them in the order of importance.
  7. Create or modify the design of your motorcycle site to focus on generating revenue or the desired outcome first.
  8. Once insert “riders arrive at”riders arrive at your website, you don’t want them to leave.
  9. Make your website’s buyer’s journey smooth to make it easy for your target audience to give you money!
  10. Use inline text links that guide your visitors through your desired buyers’ journey.
  11. We first create content that appeals to the riders in your target audience. Second, we ensure the content follows Google’s best website SEO practices for rankings.
  12. Use white areas and borders on your motorcycle website template and pages to make your website easy to read.
  13. Select typography for your motorcycle web design that appeals to your biker target audience.
  14. We evaluate your website’s logo to ensure it will work well on your site, which is vital as it represents your company. We also ensure it is high quality.
  15. Choose the right biker-style graphics for your target audience.
  16. Create your ad banners for uniformity while our web agency designs your motorcycle website. One reason to do this is for a smooth visual and mental transition when someone clicks the ad banner and lands on your site.
  17. Excellent content optimization and motorcycle SEO for your entire site are hugely important for your company. You can have amazing products and the coolest biker site in the world, but if no one gets to it because it doesn’t rank, it doesn’t matter.
  18. Select the correct motorcycle industry colors for designing your website. There are dos and don’ts when selecting colors in the biker world.
  19. Always use effective calls to action (CTA) that are uniform with your biker website design.
  20. We choose a footer navigation and design layout that works best for your biker audience.
  21. Short videos are great for your biker site design because they are the closest to standing next to your audience. Additionally, they break up the page. Our company effectively uses videos to inform your audience quickly and easily.
  22. Always follows the best SEO practices.
  23. Page load speed is critical because visitors will leave if your motorcycle site is not fast. Plus, a fast website gets better Google rankings. Subsequently, we always provide top-shelf technical SEO.
  24.  Sliders work well for some site designs but not for others. Our web experts perform A/B testing to determine whether they work with riders. The resulting data will give us factual information about your audience’s preferences.
  25. Ensure your website’s design is easy for visitors to contact you; quality customer service drastically impacts your bottom line.

`Note that you don’t have to be familiar with the motorcycle site design elements above because Revolution’s website design agency’s experts are.`

Site Design Specialists

If you need help improving your biker website’s design or need a new website, Revolution Marketing can help:

  • We have all the motorcycle website and search engine marketing skills, a biker world background, and the knowledge to build the motorcycle website you need.
  • Next, we have been designing biker websites exclusively in the biker world for 19 years.
  • In addition, we have provided expert marketing & web services for 19 years.
  • Importantly, we have and only do focus exclusively on the motorcycle industry because expertise matters. This is like you don’t take your Harley to an automotive shop.
  • Also, we have ridden motorcycles for decades.
  • And we’ve been to hundreds of biker rallies and events.
  • Lastly, our social life revolves around motorcycles.

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