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Biker Company Social Media Management

You can’t maximize your company’s bottom line without quality motorcycle social media management (SMM) and regular posts. Below is information on biker social management and how to best use it.

Motorcycle Social Media Management

Yes, you can do your own social media marketing. And some biker businesses manage their social media accounts relatively successfully. However, they often employ or contract an SMM expert. This is because making your motorcycle business’s social media efforts profitable is complex.

One frequently unknown part of social media marketing is which platforms to use. Even self-proclaimed expert SMM experts don’t use the best platform for their target audience.

Also, some of them need help knowing the best types of posts for their online motorcycle business. Or they need help with the mix of different kinds of posts. Too often, they need to interact with the customers more often or better.

Importantly, social media marketing is a part of every successful biker business. And the amount of social media posts, interactions with followers, etc., varies. Notably, it changes by your niche, unique characteristics of your biker businesses, specific products, and more.

Below is an overview of motorcycle SMM. And also, why it is essential. Following that is information on how social management works with biker-related companies. Finally, there is information on successfully managing your company’s social media pages.

Motorcycle Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Management?

First, social media management for your motorcycle businesses must be an ongoing process. And it entails using various social media platforms to help increase your branding, sales, website traffic, and more. In addition, quality SMM is important because it helps to sculpt and manage your online presence.

Next, using your personal social media accounts is easy. But running your biker business Facebook account is complex. This is especially the case with Facebook Ads Manager. Moreover, there is a lot to know before a social marketer becomes an expert.

Setting Up a Biker Social Media Page

Let’s start from the beginning with more about social media management. First is how to set up your social media accounts for your motorcycle business:

-Don’t cut corners or skip things when setting up your social pages. And this is just like you don’t skip items on your motorcycle site development, design, or biker website SEO. Subsequently, you shouldn’t cut corners on your social media efforts.

Setting up your motorcycle business’s social media page correctly can’t be rushed. If you do, many readers will be able to tell you did. If you don’t show you care about your business’s social media, neither will your target audience.

Moreover, creating your social media accounts isn’t just about filling out all of the different fields: description, location, contact information, about us, etc. Instead, it is about filling things out to maximize the marketing value of your motorcycle business. In addition, social media is no longer optional. When done correctly, social media pages bring a lot of value to your company.

If you want A+ results for sales, branding, etc., you must put in A+ effort. I’ve heard motorcycle website owners tell their SMM, “Can’t you get the social media done faster?” A good answer would be, “Yeah, how much revenue do we want to lose?”

Set up your social media page’s tracking tool. These tools will give you data on your efforts’ performance. Plus, website analytics tools show how your social activity benefited your motorcycle website. To improve your social results, you need to change things based on facts and not guesses. A/B testing your social posts will also help you get data on what works and what does not work.

For instance, with Facebook, you should have its tracking Pixel. This is because it gives you information on the performance of your social media marketing metrics:

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Shares
  • Visitors to your motorcycle site
  • Products added to your shopping cart.
  • Shopping cart abandonment rates
  • Conversions directly attributed to marketing your biker site.

Your motorcycle search engine and internert services agency or person must fill out all the information fields. For the reasons mentioned above, you just don’t cut corners. Plus, the primary fields are often what is seen the most.

Make sure to fill out all your contact information. You always want to make it easy for your target audience to contact you. When your audience contacts you, they are often interested in your motorcycle product(s) or service(s). And providing excellent customer service is huge on your bottom-line. Subsequently, these contact fields are a huge opportunity to market, sell, and brand your motorcycle company.

-Your profile picture should always be your motorcycle company’s logo. And it is not just for branding. But when your target audience searches for your page, they will more likely recognize your logo the easiest.

Of course, you want your biker target audience to interact with your social as much as possible. Subsequently, you want to make it easy for them to find your motorcycle company’s social pages.

Motorcycle Social Marketing Qualifications

Here is a partial list of what is needed to run your biker business’s social media page successfully:

-1- You or your social media marketing manager must have the necessary social platform skills.

-2- Your motorcycle SMM should also have expert online marketing skills. It might sound simple. But I’ve had “marketing experts” with large biker-related companies and rallies missing some basic marketing practices.

-3- Next, you or whomever you hire for SMM must know the motorcycle product or service you sell. And it will help a lot if they know motorcycle history and are riders rather than passengers. Yes, it sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many huge biker businesses and rallies don’t.

Here’s an example. I’ll use the example of a Harley Knucklehead engine. First, I’m not saying your social media manager needs to know how to rebuild one. But they need to know, at the very least, that it is an iconic Harley engine.

Noteworthy, I’ve seen a motorcycle company use an image of an HD Twin-Cam engine with the words “old school” in the ad. Unfortunately, this set their branding back. This is because their audience saw that they didn’t know the motorcycle world.

-4- Also, social posts should complement your motorcycle website design. There should be parity with the colors, verbiage, tone of post, etc. And doing this makes for a smooth transition from your social to your site.

-5- Also, your biker SMM must know your niche and competitors. If they do, they can differentiate your products and company from others.

Importantly, it is a deal-breaker if your target audience sees that you don’t know about your product or service. Specifically, losing the interest and respect of your motorcycle audience must always be avoided. Imagine losing 5%, 10%, 15%, or even more of your target audience!

-6- A solid understanding of the motorcycle world, bikers, rallies, and riding is also essential. Without even one of these items, it will negatively impact the success of your social media pages. Again, some of your biker target audience will see that your company doesn’t know what you’re talking about. And this eliminates the opportunity for both current and future sales to them.

Plus, a big part of social media is informing your audience. Also, you are trying to build a relationship with your social media audience. And poor, incorrect, or uninformed information kills this. Subsequently, you will lose part of your rider target audience, AKA those who give you money.

But if you or your social marketer have all these skills, it can help identify your audience. With correctly identifying your biker audience, your time and money on social marketing will be well-spent. Also, knowing the best biker audience is important with paid social ads. This is because if the audience is only a bit off, you’re wasting money targeting people who aren’t in your target audience.

Successful Biker Social Marketing Management

Next, here are some guidelines on how to post, interact, and monitor your motorcycle company’s social accounts:

-1- The importance of creating appealing posts is crucial. If riders regularly don’t like your posts, they will leave. Then, future efforts will be less profitable. And the reason is because there will be fewer motorcycle riders to engage with on your pages. Also, when paying for ads, part of your target audience won’t be interested in your motorcycle company’s offering.

-2- Monitoring interaction with posts lets you or your biker SMM expert know what is and isn’t working. Subsequently, there is the opportunity to improve your social marketing strategies. And this will help your engagement, branding, and sales.

-3- Engaging with bikers correctly on a page helps build affinity with your company. And this will make your social media page more profitable.

You must react or respond when there is a comment, question, or review. Doing this would help as it reflects well on your company. Noteworthy, it appears you don’t care about your customers’ experience if you don’t interact with them. And this will hurt your sales.

Also, the input from your social page’s followers is beneficial. For instance, the social media marketer can see what visitors like and dislike. Then, your motorcycle company’s SMM person can improve your social posts, biker website’s content and design, and customer service.

Furthermore, when a complaint is handled quickly, it reflects well on your motorcycle business. Quality customer service is vital for your conversion rate of visitors to sales.

*71% of online shoppers cited poor customer service as the reason they ended a relationship with a company (Truelist.co).

Now, this might not sound correct at first, but every negative comment or review is an opportunity. It gives you the opportunity to improve your social, motorcycle website, buyers’ journey, customer service, marketing, etc.

Of course, there will always be riders who have problems with something about your company. And without interacting with your prospects or customers as often, it doesn’t mean that the issues don’t exist. That said, being active on your motorcycle site’s social pages can let you know more quickly when there are problems. And this way, you get to improve your business faster.

-4- Reviewing the engagement of posts gives your biker social manager helpful direction for future posts.

-5- Collaborating with motorcycle world influencers also has many advantages. First, an influencer is recognized as an expert in different motorcycle topics. And it is beneficial when an influencer posts or re-posts content or engages with your social media page.

Plus, it is essential for branding and can help increase sales or fill your sales funnel. Following and engaging with potential influencers’ social posts is one way to build relationships. And if you do this correctly, they might help promote your biker business.

-6- Note that if your biker SMM agency wants you to pay for ads, they still need these five qualifications to make the paid ads profitable.

Types of Motorcycle Social Media Posts

Having a good mix of posts is essential for several reasons. First, different types of posts appeal to different bikers. Next, having the same kind of posts is boring. This is especially true if you only post about your biker products or sales specials.

As you’ve seen, some motorcycle social media pages only post about specials or products. Subsequently, some of their target audience will not visit their biker social media page as often, if at all.

Functionally, these social posts say, “Give me your money” or “Buy, buy, buy.” If this is what your social posts are like, you need a new social media manager. Any motorcycle marketing expert knows there’s much more to the buyer’s and customer’s journeys than posting, “Gimme, gimme, gimme your money.”

Here are some of the different types of social media posts. Note that the below posts can be text, images, and/or videos:

  • Product posts that educate your target audience about your product.
  • Posts about your company.
  • Informative posts related to your biker products or services are a good type of social post. For instance, if you sell motorcycle jackets, you might post about different types of leather.
  • How to take care of your product posts
  • Installation or instructions
  • Posts that distinguish between your motorcycle products and your competitors
  • Featured motorcycle products without the “Give me your money!” – “This product is on sale!” – “Buy now!”
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Holiday-related posts, again without the “Give me your money!” For instance, you could post, “Merry Christmas, we hope you and yours have a happy and safe day!”
  • Pictures of your booth at events
  • Pictures of customers wearing or using your biker products
  • Cool pictures of motorcycles, rally attractions, stunts, etc.
  • General biker world news
  • Motorcycle history
  • General Interest
  • Entertaining/funny posts
  • Company information
  • Posts where you are trying to sell your motorcycle-related products
  • Sales specials

A common question is, what percentage of your posts should be promotional? A good rule of thumb is that only about 20% of your posts should be about sales or promotions. That being said, most motorcycle e-commerce companies don’t follow this rule. However, if they did, it would increase their sales and branding.

Important Ways to Use Social Media

Another essential type of post related to your success at biker events is to announce the location of your company’s booth at motorcycle rallies. Specifically, it is important to do this because many of your social followers attend events. Announcing your booth’s location will attract some of your followers who already planned on going to the motorcycle rally.

A second thing that happens is that your company’s social followers, who live close to the biker rally, might come out to see your products. But whichever category of followers shows up, you’ve got qualified prospects right in front of your product and sales crew.

Next, since people are impatient on the internet, they might buy if they get the answers they need at an event. That said, they can get answers directly at a rally. In addition, online, it isn’t easy to see the quality of your motorcycle products. At motorcycle events, bikers can see if something looks good on them or if it fits right.

Plus, many people dislike buying online for fear of credit card fraud. Additionally, no one likes to return products. Subsequently, many people wait until rallies to buy. Finally, closing a sale is by far the easiest in person.

Below are some statistics for two of the most popular social media platforms for biker companies selling to end-users (B2C): Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Marketing for Biker Companies

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Below are some rough statistics:

  • Almost 3 billion monthly active users
  • Over 1.8 billion daily users
  • The average age of a Facebook user is over 40.
  • The average time spent on Facebook daily is about 30 minutes.

The above Facebook statistics are huge. Noteworthy for marketing a motorcycle Facebook page is that the average age is over 40. Age is significant depending on what products or services your motorcycle company sells. For instance, think about the difference in age who ride the following: Harleys and other large displacement V-twins, baggers, touring bikes, sport bikes, dirt bikes, etc.

Here are some tips when looking to advertise a biker Facebook page:

-Overall, boost ads have low engagement or conversion rates. Yes, they are easy to use. But the ability to target your biker audience is low. Also, engagement and conversion rates could be higher.

-But the motorcycle ads you create via Facebook Ads Manager are the most profitable. And this is the case partly because of the ability to dial in your target audience.

Next, there is a significant danger in using Facebook Ads Manager if they are not experts. Likewise, the same danger is if you don’t know your target audience. And the risk is that you can click on the wrong button that is not your target audience. Or you can easily exclude a majority of your ideal biker target audience. Of course, this can get extremely expensive.

Moreover, your Facebook marketing specialist must know the biker world and bikers. Plus, they must ride. If they don’t, your targeting will be off. And if your Facebook audience targeting is off, you’re wasting money. Note that when creating ads on the Facebook Business Manager, you make them using Facebook Ads Manager.

Marketing Your Company on Instagram

Next, Instagram (IG) is the fourth largest social media platform. Below are some useful IG statistics:

  • 2 billion active users each month
  • 500 million users each day
  • Almost 70% of total Instagram audiences are under 35 years old.
  • Thirty minutes per day is the average amount of time on Instagram.

Instagram’s numbers are significant. But with 70% of the users under 35, it works for some motorcycle products better than others. For instance, think of social media marketing for a sports bike or touring motorcycle company. Advertising touring products might be better on the FB social platform. And this is because most touring motorcycle riders are over 35.

Although Instagram might not be your biker SMM manager’s focus in this situation, it is still important to do some posts. This is because some of your target audience is on there. And even if it is 10% of your audience, 10% matters. Consequently, your company should at least do free posts on Instagram.

Next, Instagram is a visual platform. And hashtags are a huge part of how people navigate the platform. Now, the above IG marketing info sounds simple. But there’s a lot more to know about Instagram marketing for your motorcycle company to get the maximum benefit.

Overview of Biker Social Media Management

In summary, social media marketing can be invaluable for motorcycle companies if, and only if, the SMM agency is an expert on the social platform. They must also know the biker products, the motorcycle world, and your target audience. Finally, Revolution has the marketing and website skills, biker background, and riding experience to get the maximum benefit from your social media pages.

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