Marketing Overview

Below are the basics of how to market your motorcycle business. Plus, there’s a list of the steps followed by the “four Ps of marketing.” Finally, the best tools and strategies are listed to promote and sell your products or services. Next, motorcycle marketing can be defined as the process, actions, and strategies used to […]

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Customer Service Impact

Quality customer service can significantly impact the revenue of your motorcycle website, but it is often not considered or neglected. Let’s face it, things have changed over the last twenty years. Back then, you could throw up a website, and if you had a motorcycle product the visitor was interested in, they’d buy. Of course,

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Zero-Price Effect

First, in many circumstances, you can give away a free product or service on your motorcycle site and get more marketing value than the free product or service is worth. This is a basic overview of the zero-price effect. In standard economic and marketing laws, your biker target audience will choose the option with the most

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Rider Safety & Marketing

Knowing general motorcycle safety statistics helps you understand bikers because you understand the challenges they face. In addition, you must know how to market your motorcycle company. Also, knowing the history of the biker will, in part, determine your company’s online success. If you sell products related to motorcycle safety, you must know the riders’ challenges

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Why No Sales?

Like most motorcycle website owners or marketing people, you’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money to get your site going. So, it can be stressful when you’re only getting a slow trickle of sales. However, the information below can help you increase your sales. Here are two common questions we get from online

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Rider Demographics

The demographics of riders have changed. In our article on the history of bikers, we discuss some reasons for this. Noteworthy is that the biker’s mystique has influenced the demographic of riders. One reason is that it has increased the number of riders. Harley Mystique & Demographics Another reason for the change in rider demographics is

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Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals (CWVs) are the factors that Google uses to help judge your motorcycle website’s user experience (UX). Importantly, UX is one SEO factor that determines how your site ranks. There are many reasons why you’re not getting the sales you need. One way to improve your sales is by addressing any Core Web Vitals issues,

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Paid Holiday Marketing

What’s your paid social media holiday marketing plan for your motorcycle company? Below are some holiday sales ad strategies that often make the difference between a profit and a loss. First, you or your social media marketer must know your biker target audience. Your social audience and website tools can help in this area.  Importantly, it is better if

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Website Security

All motorcycle websites and online assets are vulnerable to malware or hacking to some extent. This article will help you secure your online assets, devices, and website. The security checklist below includes steps and tips to help improve your company’s security. Note that this list of security tips is tailored to motorcycle company owners and employees.

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Google’s Mobile-First

Below, you will learn what mobile-first is and how it significantly impacts your biker website’s SEO, traffic, and sales. What Is Mobile-Version First? Mobile-first is the approach to starting your website design and development with the mobile version first and then the desktop version. Why Mobile First Is so Important? Two notable reasons why mobile-first

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Black Hat vs White Hat

You’ve probably heard of the terms black hat and white hat relating to different search engine optimization (SEO) approaches. Here’s the bottom line early – black hat SEO techniques will hurt or destroy your motorcycle website’s rankings. Below is more info on black hat vs white hat SEO and your site So, where did these terms

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