Successful Motorcycle Instagram Marketing

How to Use & Bring Value by Using Instagram

Instagram marketing can be effective and very valuable for marketing your motorcycle company. It can help promote your website, build your brand, and increase sales.

But there’s a lot to understand before choosing Instagram (IG) to market your company. And the skills of your biker social manager matter. They can be the difference between making good money or losing big money.

For instance, Instagram marketing is effective for specific demographics, niches, and products. Understanding when Instagram is effective is crucial to your bottom line.

As you know, Instagram is not the largest social media site. Instead, Facebook is the largest. But Instagram is still huge. Although statistics vary, here are some rough estimates of Instagram’s traffic:

So the number of users is there. However, the numbers alone don’t make Instagram marketing the best social media platform for all sites.

Biker Social Media Demographics

Next, you will learn more about different Instagram demographics. However, for this marketing article, I will use the age demographic.

Specifically, I chose age to note the importance of knowing your target audience. For instance, if your motorcycle company sells bi-focal sunglasses or Gold Wing touring accessories.

Based on age, Instagram marketing might not be the best strategy for your company. These products are more popular with bikers over 35, and as you read, 70% of Instagram’s users are under 35.

A notable point is that your company must know its target audience. For instance, based solely on age, Facebook marketing might be a better option for the above products. This is because Facebook has a much higher percentage of people over 35.

It is critical to select the right platform when advertising. Without knowing your target audience, your ads conversion rate to sales will be lower. And this means there will be a lot of wasted money.

Effective Biker Instagram Marketing

Let’s say your rider target audience has been dialed in. The best platform for your company is Instagram. How can social media marketers effectively create posts for your motorcycle website?

Here are eight of the criteria an Instagram expert must have:

Next, let’s say the IG expert doesn’t have one of these areas of expertise. If this is the case, your Instagram marketing won’t be as effective. And without much thought, you can understand why. The ads will not look good or read well.

Optimizing Biker Instagram Profiles

Below are seven ideas to help you improve the effectiveness of your company’s IG marketing. Note that there are a lot of details and tips for IG. But I won’t go into many details to keep this social article at a reasonable length.

Importantly, there is value in receiving complaints. It lets your motorcycle company know problems exist so they can be fixed. Subsequently, complaints help your company constantly improve.

Creating Successful Instagram Posts

Here are some tips to make your IG marketing successful:

  • Your content posting strategy should always focus on the end user. One topic that isn’t been posted enough is excellent customer service. Using customer service as the topic is of enormous value because 90% of Americans use it to decide whether or not to do business with a company (
  • And the style and content variations help improve your Instagram page’s engagement.
  • Research the most effective time to post on IG for your niche.
  • Use calls to action (CTA).
  •  Instagram is visual, so it’s key to create solid images to market your motorcycle company’s content. Your images can’t be too busy; contrast will make your ad stand out.
  •  Some color combinations and graphics can’t be used in the motorcycle world. Contact us if you don’t immediately know why. This way, your motorcycle ads won’t need to be recreated.
  •  A limited amount of text on each image is more effective for promotions.Since most viewers only glance at an image, short, compelling captions work best.
  • Put clickable hashtags in each post. Although IG allows up to 30 hashtags, many can look like spam. Instead, a good tip for Instagram posts is to use ten clickable hashtags.
  • Use hashtags that vary. Note that this will get more views of your motorcycle company’s IG posts.
  • Your hashtags must be relevant to your posts. And the focus should be on your product or service.
  • Another tip is always to use a branding tag.
  • Use Instagram Stories.
  • Include reels in your Instagram strategy. Videos are a great way to showcase your company, motorcycle products, etc., and they add a different style of post.
  • Include live videos to have a well-rounded IG strategy.
  • An Instagram marketer can successfully promote your motorcycle company by using ads. But if your IG person isn’t an expert in IG marketing, a lot of money can be wasted.
  • When a follower asks questions or makes statements, interact with them. You do this to help create an affinity between bikers and your company.
  • Instagram Shops can be worthwhile for an e-commerce company.
  • Influencer marketing on IG can help your motorcycle company with branding and sales.

Finally, there’s much more to know about correctly marketing a motorcycle company on IG. And if you need help, Revolution Marketing has the expert marketing skills and biker background to make your IG successful.

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