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Motorcycle Membership Sites

What are motorcycle membership websites? How are they used in the biker industry?

First, a membership website offers members gated content and exclusive benefits. Note that “gated” means restricted access. Subsequently, to use the site, visitors need a username and password. Your biker membership site can include a community for members, special offers, exclusive content, webinars, discussions on topics, and more.

Limiting Membership Site’s Access

Why would you choose to restrict your audience by requring a username and password for forum access? First, you might do this to limit who sees specific content. For example, you only want riders to access the content, or maybe you only want people in the US to access the information.

Also, this type of website helps avoid irrelevant posts, spam, and viruses. Notably, having random one-time visitors post content increases the time you need to manage your forum.

And a motorcycle site technical-SEO reason is related to Google’s “crawl budget.” Note that a “crawl budget” is the limited number of pages that Google spiders on your website. Your company might want to focus Google’s bot time on your important pages, especially the ones that generate revenue.

Biker Forum Example

An example of a membership site is a general biker forum. Just like any forum, these motorcycle sites are developed to require users to sign up. Riders who spend time signing up have a higher probability of regularly visiting your forum. On general forums, there can be lots of topic categories. Users can create new posts and respond to other posts. Plus, on most biker forums, pictures can be posted.

Another good example is if you have a motorcycle apparel company. Yes, access might be limited here too. Notably, for a niche like apparel, there will be a lot of threads/discussions that are related to your biker apparel. Also, with quality products and happy customers, the forum can help generate sales.

NOTE: It Is Valuable When You See Unhappy Customers because you can immediately address the issue and create new marketing strategies. And quality customer service has a significant impact on your bottom-line. Plus, by identifying problems, your biker site search engine & website agency can help formulate solutions in your new marketing strategies.

Next, a biker apparel company’s forum might announce specials, new products, booth locations at biker rallies, etc. Since forum users have some interest in your site’s genre, these posts can increase your sales conversion rate. And the reason is that users who already know about your motorcycle company see your offering.

Note that we’ve only given you an overview of membership sites. But there’s a lot of flexibility when building a forum. One great platform that makes building and managing a forum is WordPress. Finally, at Revolution’s Marketing Academy, you can read articles about marketing your biker company.

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