Your Website’s Crawl Budget

What It Is & Why It Matters

Is Google able to crawl all of your motorcycle site’s pages? The pages Google can’t crawl will never appear in search results.

What Is a Crawl Budget?

The time and resources Google allocates for crawling a website are the site’s crawl budget.

Crawl Budget & SEO

Now, if your website has more pages than your crawl budget, then not all your pages will be indexed regularly. You need to consider this for your motorcycle site’s SEO.

And until Google discovers pages, they won’t rank at all. Also, it will take Google longer to find new or updated pages. Subsequently, your site won’t get the maximum search engine value as fast.

Bot Holding Tool Above Crawl Budget

What Sites Should Pay Attention

Next, you only need to pay attention to your site’s crawl budget if one of the below applies:

  • You have a massive website. And by “massive,” I mean over 1 million pages. Or if you have a large site with over 10,000 pages that rapidly changes.
  • If you’ve created a lot of new web pages
  • Or if you have poor URL redirects

However, if your motorcycle website is smaller, you don’t need to pay attention to your crawl budget except for checking for poor link redirects. URL redirects eat up your crawl budget and slow your website down.

Improve Your Site’s Crawling Efficiency

Here are some ways to increase your motorcycle site’s crawling efficiency and total pages crawled:

  • Eliminate redirect issues.
  • Increase your biker website’s speed.
  • Have an organized and easy-to-use sitemap.
  • Make sure your internal linking structure helps Google index your site and, of course, your end-users navigate it.
  • Remove duplicate content – Just like your biker target audience doesn’t want to read the same content, Google doesn’t. A significant focus of Google’s algorithm is combating duplicate content.
  • Don’t have orphan pages (pages that do not have internal or external links into them).
  • Use a flat website architecture (where all pages are one click away from the home page).
  • Remove pages that don’t bring value so more important pages can be indexed.

Note that the person who typically addresses the above is your website developer. Since your motorcycle marketing person will know a lot about the most important pages, they are often involved. Last, you can read more about marketing in the biker industry at Revolution’s Marketing Academy.

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