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Importance of Motorcycle Site Analytics

With reports and analytics tools, you can know what’s wrong with your motorcycle site and how to improve it by learning the facts about what is happening.

Analytics & Reports Analogy

Here’s a helpful analogy. Let’s say a friend puts a blindfold on you. They put you in their truck and put your motorcycle on a trailer. Then your friend drives for hours in some unknown direction during the night.

Again, it is pitch black, and there are no landmarks. Plus, many different roads and highways lead in all directions. Subsequently, you need to decide which direction to take.

This is similar to you not using website analytics and reports when doing motorcycle website search engine optimizationWithout using analytics and reporting, you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t. Plus, you have no direction on what to change on your motorcycle website’s content because you have no idea where you’re at.

What other things about being lost in some unknown location or lost with what to do with your website have in common? It sucks! And it is frustrating. Plus, it wastes your time.

Also, it costs you money. When you’re lost with your bike, it costs more in gas to ride around and try and figure out where you’re at. And let’s say you also need to pay for a hotel. But when you’re lost with what to do with your motorcycle site, it can cost a lot more money! Some of this expense is from blindly changing your motorcycle site.

Motorcycle Website Analytics & Reporting

Definition of Analytics & Reports

Below is how analytics and reporting can benefit your motorcycle business. Note that when I capitalize “analytics,” I refer to the brand name Google Analytics. But first, let me clarify some terminology.

Although the terms reports and analytics are often used interchangeably, they differ. First, reports take current data and provide user-friendly overviews of your biker company. Notably, reports include just data and no interpretations. Simply stated, reports let a motorcycle business know what is happening.

Next, analytics allows the dissection and examination of data. This way, your search engine & internet services person can analyze and interpret the information.

Again, analytics and reporting help your marketer understand why things are or aren’t happening. Also, your marketing expert can use analytics to formulate new strategies.

 As you read, reports and analytics are interdependent. And when combined, they can help your biker business make better decisions. For instance, they can help you achieve your goals by improving your motorcycle business’s revenue, growth, productivity, efficiency, customer service, etc.

The MVP marketing approach is one method of making data-driven decisions before making changes. After seeing what is and isn’t working, you should A/B test your new strategies to see which is best. 

Importance of Google Analytics

Granted, there are many reporting and analytics tools, but Google Analytics is the most popular. The following information focuses on how Analytics helps your motorcycle site become more profitable.

With only a small snippet of code on your motorcycle site, Google can start to collect data. After some data has been collected, Google provides reports. The data can be combined and presented in numerous formats for analysis. Analytics shows how a website is performing. Here is some of the important information that analytics provides:

  • Where your site’s visitors are coming from (organic search results, ads, biker social media pages, etc.).
  • The pages your visitors land on and leave from.
  • The demographics of the motorcycle riders going to your site (age, gender, location, interests, etc.).
  • Which pages are and aren’t performing well.
  • What search keyword phrases are directing traffic to your site.
  • What keyword keep visitors on your site.
  • How long your visiting target audience stays on your pages.
  • Which keyword phrases convert into sales.
  • Your motorcycle site’s backlinks.
  • What browsers are referring traffic to your website.
  • What browsers provide the best engagement with your motorcycle site.
  • A breakdown of traffic from desktop and mobile

Obviously, the above information is extremely valuable.

Marketing Benefits of Analytics

Next, with the above information, your marketing company or person can review your online strategy. And sometimes, with a slight website design change, there can be a significant impact on your revenue. Note that Analytics is constantly monitoring your motorcycle website’s data.

Furthermore, your motorcycle marketing consultants can always view the latest data. In addition, an expert can drill down to analyze fine details by selecting multiple variables. Specifically, the information is vital for your website’s SEO. The performance data is critical for planning your future search engine optimization and marketing efforts. As noted, guessing wastes your motorcycle business’s time and money unnecessarily.

Your motorcycle company should have researched the product, market, and audience early. When this is combined with Analytics, the targeting is precise. For instance, think of paid ads driving traffic to your biker site. One thing Analytics can do is identify a particular demographic that isn’t converting.

This information also shows where an ad’s targeting can be modified to improve its performance. Again, without Analytics, you will be back to guessing and wasting money without utilizing tools like Analytics. Analytics will show you which phrases your site ranks for and generates traffic. Moreover, it shows how your website’s pages are ranking. Plus, there is engagement data for every page.

Analytics & Motorcycle Site’s SEO

Another benefit of Analytics is that it shows you areas for technical search engine optimization improvement on your website. Technical SEO is an central part of keyword ranking. Without a site with solid technical SEO, your motorcycle site’s rankings will never be maximized.

Finally, both marketing and motorcycle SEO are ongoing processes. New website strategies must also include your SEO expert revising the content. If you need help, Revolution’s background includes 19 years of specializing in marketing and SEO in the motorcycle world.

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