Rider Demographics Changes

The demographics of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts have changed in the motorcycle world. In our article on the history of bikers, we discuss some reasons for this. Noteworthy is that the biker’s mystique has influenced the demographic of motorcycle riders, and one reason is that it increased the number of riders.

Motorcycle Rally Showing Changes in Motorcycle Rider Demographics

Harley Mystique & Demographics

Another reason for the change in rider demographics is the movie Easyriders. The movie came out in 1969, and it romanticized the biker life and popularized the chopper. These helped Harley’s sales. For many riders, including myself, it made Harley the only brand to own.

Fast forward 50 years, and many diehard Harley riders no longer ride. Often, this is because they have passed or have age-related challenges that make them stop riding. Understanding this will help you identify your target audience and write quality on-page motorcycle SEO content.

Harley Becoming Mainstream

Next, Harleys became mainstream, and the rider demographics show this. Just think about the “average” Harley rider in 1973. Then, think of the “average” Harley rider in 2023. They are very different. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, but they are different.

The 1973 riders were more old-school bikers. While in 2023, there were more white-collar motorcycle enthusiasts. Now, there is nothing wrong with motorcycle enthusiasts. But having more white-collar workers who ride on some weekends means your targeting needs to change, too.

In addition, older riders often choose baggers. What your prospects ride changes the motorcycle riders’ demographics and keywords you target.

Also, in 2022, the number of diehard Harley riders declined. Many of the younger riders were not around during the Harley buyback, which was one important factor in creating Harley brand loyalty with those who rode in the 1970s and 80s.  

Again, I’m not saying this is a bad thing. And I know a lot of non-Harley riders. But this does mean that your website and search services are different for them. And as more diehard Harley-riders age out, the more new customers you will need to find.

Reasons for Demographic Changes

One question I ask people I know who ride is why they don’t ride a Harley. It is often noted that the performance is lower than that of other makes of bikes. In addition, riders cite that HD’s are too expensive and not as reliable. Then I ask them about their riding habits. Very few ride more than a couple of days a week, only when the weather is good.

Compared to 20 years ago, non-HD riders aren’t nearly as interested in bike rallies. Notably, many are not interested in camping for the entire weekend. Plus, they say they are just not interested in motorcycle events.

Or they note they don’t have time in general. Many people aged 25 to 45 have kids, so they have other priorities that take up their free time. So, the rallies these people go to are just day trips. They are only the larger motorcycle events they will ride to and stay at.

Examples of Targeting Bikers

Next, one place to advertise with many targeting options is Facebook ads. So, how do the changes in the motorcycle demographic change ad targeting? Here are some of the numerous targeting options that can differ by your demographics:

  • Harley or Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and BMW?
  • Is their age under 45 or from 45 to 75 the best?
  • Do they like biker rallies or motorcycle shows?
  • Do they like baggers or not?
  • Choppers are an interesting subject. Yes, a massive number of people show an affinity for choppers. Yes, this is a generalization, but it has proven true. The love of choppers is different for diehard and non-diehard Harley riders. And there is a difference. Diehard bikers want one, want to ride one, and/or romanticize choppers. However, many non-diehard Harley riders often only want to look at them.

Above are only a handful of numerous demographic options in the biker world. The better your motorcycle Facebook ad marketer, the better your results. Because of their knowledge, you will find it better to have riders than passengers market. Also, the changes in rider demographics mean your biker marketing person’s target audience must change. And it must change to get the best bottom-line results. Also, your keywords and website content must change when your target audience changes.

In addition, the difference between good and excellent targeting is huge. And your motorcycle company will see these changes:

  • Change of engagement with your motorcycle company’s ads on Facebook. By this, I’m talking about the time spent viewing the ad and the number of likes, comments, and shares.
  • Also, the cost of converting visitors into customers is lower.
  • The cost of conversion will increase.
  • Plus, there are a lot of other sales metrics that change.

Notably, Revolution’s marketing skills & biker background can help:

  • 19 years of marketing experience exclusively in the motorcycle world
  • 12 years of social media management (SMM)
  • Decades of riding
  • We’ve been to hundreds of rallies over the decades.
  • Active in the motorcycle community for over 19 years
  • Owning and using lots of motorcycle products

Finally, you can read more about marketing biker sites on our Marketing Academy.

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