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Benefits of Using WordPress

Save Time & Generate More Money

“No matter what I do, my motorcycle website just doesn’t rank high enough.” Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common comment.

Next, one reason for the above problem is the web platform on which you are building your website. Notably, your choice of web platform can determine how well your biker website can be optimized. The difference in your revenue between coming up on the top half of the first page of results and the top half of the second page of results is huge.

* 95% of search traffic only view the first page of search results (

* 10x clicks are what the sites in the top 10 search engine results get compared to all other listings combined (

At some point, you or your motorcycle company’s owner are confronted with a choice. First, you can continue to struggle and not grow. Or you can get your site redesigned on a better platform. And being stuck with these options is less than ideal.

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Why Choose WordPress

Revolution’s Marketing experts recommend WordPress for the reasons below. If you choose WordPress, it will help you avoid the above problem.

First, let me explain some terminology so this reads easier – a website platform is a collection of software used to build websites. Next, a good analogy for a web platform is that it is like the foundation of a building. Just like a building must have a solid foundation, your website needs a solid foundation/platform. Now, you’ve probably heard of WordPress. It is a platform used to create over 35% of all the websites on the internet.

Open-Source vs. Proprietary Code

WordPress website platform is “open-source.” Meaning your motorcycle web developer can view your site’s code. Then, the other type of website platform uses “proprietary” code. With proprietary platforms, web developers can’t see all the code, so they can’t improve them.

One reason to opt for an open-source platform like WordPress is to have the ability to customize your site. Yet, if a proprietary code platform is used to build the site, it limits your site’s look, functionality, and SEO options. WordPress allows your motorcycle web designer to deliver the look, functionality, and optimization you want and need. Again, it is because all the code can be viewed.

Your Motorcycle Sites Page Speed

Another reason to choose WordPress is that it allows your developer with technical SEO expertise to fix performance issues. It is important since Google looks at a site’s performance when ranking sites for search results.

Another reason to choose WordPress is that it allows your developer with technical SEO expertise to fix performance issues. This is important since Google considers a site’s performance when ranking sites for search results.

Additionally, end-users value your site’s page load speed because people are impatient on the internet. With a slow site, visitors often leave.

However, with the open-source WordPress code, your technical SEO developer can make your site fast. Subsequently, your site will rank higher, and visitors will stay on your site longer.

  • 82% of consumers say slow web page speeds impact purchasing decisions (
  • 73% of consumers would try an alternative website if the page they were on was too slow (
  • Shoppers view 8.9 pages when the page load time is under 2 seconds, but that drops to only 3.3 pages when the load time is 8 seconds (

WP Design & Development Options

Since WordPress is very popular and has open-source code, many significant upgrades exist. Tens of thousands of plugins improve your site’s functionality, look, performance, marketing ability, etc.

Also, thousands of different website templates are available. Besides that, all of the WordPress templates have open-source code so that you can customize them.

WordPress Hosting on WPEngine

In addition, WordPress has created its own web hosting company (WPEngine). This hosting company is built exclusively to host WordPress sites. Subsequently, all WPEngine’s employees who maintain and troubleshoot their servers, customer service, etc., are trained and experienced in WordPress. This makes getting the correct answer to your biker site’s issues much easier and faster.

WP Content Management System

Next, WordPress has a robust content management system (CMS). In addition, the WordPress CMS was built for ease of use. Subsequently, non-technical people can familiarize themselves with the basic functionality most businesses need daily.

Unique opportunities have limited windows of opportunity. Also, changing your motorcycle website quickly allows your company to benefit from various opportunities.

Of course, you can improve your site’s performance even with proprietary code. However, you can’t change as much as you can with open-source code. But if you need a new website design, WordPress is the way to go.

Also, WordPress sites cost roughly the same as building your site on a proprietary platform. The bottom line is that there is no reason not to use WordPress for a new site build. And your site might not rank well currently because you’re using a proprietary code platform. Finally, you can learn more about search engines & internet at our Marketing Academy.

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