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Identifying Biker Target Audiences

You’ve wondered how to increase the revenue from your motorcycle website. And you’ve probably wondered how to stop losing money on your site.

One way to get the best results from every dollar you spend is by correctly identifying your biker target audience. For instance, it can impact your total revenue, net profit, and conversion rate. Consequently, the sooner you accurately identify your target audience, the better.

Ideally, you should know your motorcycle website’s target audience before you build your site. The reason is that your ideal biker audience should guide you in building your motorcycle website’s design, content, and graphics from the beginning.

By doing it this way, when your motorcycle website is launched, it immediately targets the people who pay you money. So, knowing whom to target early on also helps avoid losing time and money. Whether your site is new or established, you can always make changes. Dialing in the correct motorcycle riders in your target audience will increase your biker website’s revenue.

Who Is Your Biker Target Audience

Motorcycle Target Audience Examples

Here’s an example of how websites vary because of different target audiences. Imagine what is on a site that builds custom trikes for women. Then imagine what is on a site selling unrestored parts for pre-1960 Harleys.

The trike-related company’s website’s content and motorcycle SEO agency wouldn’t target the phrase “old school choppers.” Instead, they’d target women who like custom trikes with phrases like “trikes for women.” Also, the logo, graphics, color scheme, etc., would be different.

Targeting Paid Social Media Ads

Another important reason to know your motorcycle website’s target audience is for paid social media ads. With these ads, you must pinpoint the best demographic. If not, your time and money will be wasted with an inaccurate audience. Imagine if 10% of your social audience has zero interest in your offering. And let’s say 40% of the people you target are only mediocre fits for your offering. How much of your marketing and advertising budget would this waste?

Another question is, if a more qualified audience was targeted, how much more revenue would your biker website generate? And yes, if your motorcycle social media management is truly an expert, you will make a lot more money when advertising.

Notably, to clarify, Facebook boosts don’t offer highly detailed targeting. But Facebook Ad Manager ads do. Although there are many choices and endless combinations, your motorcycle Facebook ad expert should know how to pinpoint your targeting.

Who Can Identify Your Audience

First, a marketing agency in the motorcycle world will already have a good idea of your target audience. And if they don’t have a good idea, you’re probably using the wrong marketing company to market your motorcycle business.

Noteworthy is that a techie (whether they’ve worked at a motorcycle company or not) or a generalist marketer won’t get you the best target audience. Subsequently, you won’t get the best results from your motorcycle site.

Instead, you need a marketing person or agency who has the search engine & internet skills and the following background:

  • Motorcycle world knowledge
  • A solid understanding of your biker products or services is easier to understand if your marketer uses the products or services.
  • In-depth knowledge of bikers is even better if the marketer is a biker.
  • Riding experience allows both a better understanding of motorcycle products and bikers.

Audience Identification Process

In today’s world, there is no need to rely on guessing and hoping it works; you can look at your motorcycle website’s Analytics, Facebook Insights, advertising results, etc. These tools will show what audience is or isn’t working.

Then, the target audience for your motorcycle company’s website and ads can be tweaked. It can be analyzed again once there’s enough interaction data from the above tools. And then this cycle is repeated. Doing this will help you constantly improve the marketing of your biker website. Plus, you use data/facts, which results in better sales-related metrics.

Benefits of Accurate Targeting

Next, correctly identifying your biker target audience has many benefits:

  • Increased sales
  • Higher engagement rate
  • Lower cost of conversion
  • Higher profit margin

On the flip side, too broad of targeting will do the opposite. Barely paying your company’s bills means your business won’t grow. Eventually, it can lead to your biker company going out of business.

Motorcycle Rider Statistics

Understanding motorcycle statistics will help you find the best target audience. First, the US has 14 million street motorcycles, including registered and unregistered bikes. So, a rough estimate is that the US has 20 million riders and passengers.

Motorcycle business owners and junior marketers often think the ideal target audience includes almost all bikers. But this is not the case because some bikers will not want and/or need your product. In addition, others might not like your specific motorcycle product or service.

So, what happens? Well, it is simple: you’ve wasted money that you wouldn’t have if you had an expert in marketing. Another important item when paying for ads is related to budgeting. In particular, you must know how much your motorcycle company can pay to acquire a new customer.

Narrowing your target audience can also lower the cost per conversion (CPC) with ads. And reducing the CPC will increase your profit margin. Plus, it will increase the net value of the average sale since the ad cost will be lower. In addition, poor targeting doesn’t just waste your time and money to produce things that don’t work. It also kills the opportunity you have every day to generate income.

Hopefully, you’re just starting to look at building a motorcycle website. But if you already have a website, you must stop the cycle of losing money. One area where you are losing money is paying a generalist marketing company to redo things with only mediocre results.

Finally, Revolution has the skills & biker background to identify your target audience.

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