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Revolution Marketing’s Background

Our Marketing Skills & Background Creates Success

Our Mission – we believe all motorcycle companies with quality products or services should have a pathway to success. We’re the only biker website marketing company with all three of the below areas you must have to get top-shelf, measurable results:

  1. Expert services skills in marketing, SEO, web development & design, content creation, and social media management
  2. Extensive knowledge of the motorcycle world, biker industry, motorcycle products, rallies, and riders
  3. Decades of riding experience

Problems with Generalist Web Agencies

First, you don’t want a generalist marketing agency or person who doesn’t have all three areas of expertise. Using a generalist to market your biker site is like having your Harley worked on at a Kia dealership.

Just think about if you remove one of the above three qualifications. Or think about if an agency’s web service skills, industry knowledge, and riding experience were limited. And you can see how your motorcycle business would be negatively impacted. For instance, you might have a web design and images that don’t appeal to bikers. As you can imagine, unnecessarily losing the people who pay you money is a disaster.

Another common problem is that the content on your biker site can be inaccurate or sound like a non-rider wrote it. Either of these problems will hurt your company’s sales and brand.

Furthermore, it is huge that your marketing agency truly knows your biker target audience. After all, your website and ads must attract the correct audience. If it doesn’t, your business’ traffic, and sales will be lower and your expenses will be higher.

Revolution Marketing’s Beginning

In 2005, we knew our unique, well-rounded offering would bring huge value to online motorcycle businesses. Subsequently, Revolution began offering internet marketing services for biker companies. We are now polished search engine services experts in the motorcycle industry. Again, this is because, over the last 19 years, we have specialized exclusively in marketing in the motorcycle world.

Our Biker Background & Expert Skills

Jay is one of our founders. His background is in sales & marketing, and his education is in business. He has ridden motorcycles since he was five years old. Back then, it was a Honda trail bike. Today, it is a salvage yard Harley bobber. For the last 19 years, Jay has been involved in the motorcycle community. Plus, he’s been to hundreds of biker rallies and events.

Jay now has twenty years of experience in on-page motorcycle SEO, internet marketing, biker consulting, and blogging. Over the last twelve years, he’s also become an expert in biker social media management (SMM). His SMM skills include the more complex, high-end advertising platforms that bring the most value.

Another founder was the best SEO and internet marketing professional in any industry. And I say “the best” based on his search rankings for the most competitive keyphrases to get results in SEO. Some of the terms used to qualify his superiority were “SEO consultants,” “internet marketing,” and “search engine optimization.” And he dominated in search results.

In addition, he had fifteen years of experience in programming, website design, and development. He also had degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. Finally, he rode motorcycles, so he knew what sites would appeal to bikers.

Today, Revolution Marketing consultants have top-shelf motorcycle website development and web design experts in the motorcycle world.

Revolution Marketing’s Methodology

Revolution has a process to maximize the benefits that your motorcycle company or rally receives. First, we listen to your challenges and goals. Then, we evaluate your biker company’s current marketing strengths and weaknesses.

Equally important is that we evaluate your motorcycle website design. And this is because your site must appeal to your audience. It also must have a simple buyer’s journey to increase your site’s engagement and conversions.

Next, our biker marketing experts look at data from Google Analytics and other web tools. The reason is simple – web tools give us precise data on your website’s performance. The data shows what marketing strategies are and aren’t working, allowing us to identify opportunities for improvement.

After this, Revolution creates your custom marketing plan. Following the implementation of the strategy, the data analysis continues. Again, we do this because decisions based on data/facts are the best. Doing this also increases your company’s bottom line.

Efficient Use of Time & Money

Notably, is the 20/80 rule of thumb – 20% of your time and effort generates 80% of your revenue. With the other 80% of the time and effort you spend on your business, we can show you how to streamline and automate these items.

Plus, automation can be implemented without adding hours to your regular workload. Automation means less stress, higher revenue, and more time for your personal life and riding.

Another change often needed is creating a world-class customer experience. Improving your customer service alone can increase your revenue by 10% to 150% in only a year! Although there are many details, we can show you how. Again, most of this can be automated with zero or little net additional time needed on your part.

Our Guarantees & Business-Friendly Options

Not only are we the only full-service marketing agency in the motorcycle world, but we are also business-friendly:

  • We do larger projects or phases of work in stages. This way, your website and company can quickly benefit from our work.
  • In a phase where we state specific improvements in marketing results, the results will meet or exceed our quoted figures.
  • You get the deliverables noted in each phase of work before the stated completion date.
  • Our work is covered by a 60-day warranty in the unlikely event of a technical issue. However, if there is an issue, we will fix it free of charge.
  • We offer payment plans.
  • Our hours of operation are from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday. We can be available on the weekend for some limited marketing work.

We offer a FREE Review of other agencies’ proposals. When choosing a website marketing agency, it can be challenging to know if you’re getting sold an overpriced bill of goods. But we are happy to let you know whether it is or isn’t.

In summary, Revolution Motorcycle Marketing agency has the motorcycle site SEO, marketing services, and web development and design skills you need. We specialize in marketing motorcycle websites, and we have the motorcycle world knowledge and riding experience you must have in an agency. Finally, we can make your site smoke with our background and expertise.

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