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Be Seen When Riders Are Searching for Products Like Yours

How much more money would your company make from expert motorcycle website SEO (search engine optimization)? Better yet, how much money are you losing by not having your site rank well?

Of course, the answer depends on many things. But after a year with a quality search engine agency, you can increase your motorcycle site’s revenue by 10% to over 100%.

The following statistic shows how important it is to have quality SEO:

Here are some common questions we answer about search engine marketing:

Definition of SEO

Here’s a good definition of search engine optimization (SEO) – it improves your website’s rankings for important phrases in search results.

In the following article, I focus on the three types of SEO. Below each type, I list some of the elements you need to accomplish each type of optimization.

Note that this article focuses on Google SEO because it gets around 90% of searches. However, I’ll review how to do SEO for other search engines in a future article. Then I’ll discuss more optimization strategies later.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

Below are the three categories of website optimization:

1 – On-Page SEO

First, on-page motorcycle SEO can be defined as optimizing a website’s content for valuable keyphrases. Below are some examples of on-site components:

2 – Off-Page SEO

Next, off-page SEO refers to the actions taken off your company’s site to increase your rankings.

Below are some important areas of off-site optimization:

  • Increasing the number of quality inbound links from other biker websites
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Fixing link errors on other sites going into your site
  • Guest blogging on other motorcycle-related websites
  • Forum posts
  • Content marketing

* 53.3% of all online traffic comes from organic searches (BrightEdge).

3 – Technical SEO

Third, here’s a definition of technical motorcycle SEO – it improves the technical factors of your website. The goal is to meet the requirements of search engines.

By doing this, it will improve your rankings. In addition, speeding up your site will improve your users’ experience.

Here are some types of technical search optimization:

  • Fast site speed
  • Having a mobile-friendly website
  • XML site maps
  • Finding and improving site crawling and indexing issues
  • Secured site/SSL
  • Fixing duplicate content
  • Minimizing the Java Script
  • Having a responsive website design
  • Shrinking image file sizes
  • Asynchronous page loading
  • Adding structured data

Skills & Background to Optimize Websites

With top SEO skills and techniques, your website will get the best rankings. Also, the content will read better if written by someone who knows the biker-world.

Another important qualification is that your consultant must ride. Without riding experience, your website’s content will reflect this. As you know, many riders won’t buy from a company that doesn’t know how to use their products.

Even a desk jockey in the biker industry with SEO skills doesn’t cut it. Again, the content will sound awkward. And, with poor content, many of your site’s visitors will quickly leave, and so will your sales.

Imagine how their article about riding to Sturgis would read. Or think of how their supposed road test of a product would sound.

Their content may be okay, but it won’t sound great. But mediocre content is not convincing. It will also make your target audience leave, lower your revenue, and negatively impact your brand.

Biker Website SEO Techniques

How do you start optimizing your biker website? First, Google Analytics is a great, free tool for learning about your traffic and SEO. This tool gives web and search experts the data on your site’s performance.

In addition to using the traffic tools, you or your search marketing agency must identify your target audience. After all, if your motorcycle website’s content attracts the wrong people, it doesn’t matter how well it comes up.

Another crucial step in motorcycle SEO is keyword research. This lets your search consultant know which phrases to target. You also need to A/B test your website’s elements. This will give you additional data.

Then, you should use the MVP decision approach. This website approach uses data to make decisions, which helps you make informed decisions and strategies.

After completing the above steps, you or your search engine specialist can develop a new strategy based on facts. Importantly, this helps to lower or eliminate guessing in your marketing strategy. Again, you are establishing a new strategy based on data.

Our Motorcycle SEO Background

Finally, Revolution’s SEO are experts. There are several reasons:

Notably, we are the only search agency with all the above items. Here’s a good analogy: You don’t take your Harley to a Kia mechanic. And you shouldn’t have your motorcycle site to a generalist agency.

Also, a website consultant needs all the above items to write quality, optimized content for bikers. Again, once your site comes up, your target audience needs to like what they read and see.

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