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Motorcycle Website Development

It isn’t if your motorcycle website works, but if it works well enough to accomplish your business’s goals. If your site is not performing well, better motorcycle website development is one area that will help, as described below.

Before discussing web development strategy and tips for motorcycle sites, let me clarify. Frequently, the terms website development and website design are used interchangeably. Notably, web development relates to the functionality and performance of your site. However, web design is a subcategory of development that focuses on your site’s look.

Motorcycle Website Development

Below are some of the items that a motorcycle website developer does.

Mobile-first design – You might have heard of mobile-first design, where your developer starts developing the mobile version of your site first. One reason is that over half of all searches are done by people using a mobile devices. Very importantly, Google uses the mobile version of your site to determine how it ranks in search results on both desktop and mobile. As a result, if the mobile version of your site isn’t friendly, it negatively impacts your user’s experience (UX) and rankings.

Site speed optimization – The faster your website, the better. First, people are impatient on the internet. Subsequently, if your biker site is fast, there is a higher likelihood that they will stay. Also, site speed is a Google ranking factor. Here are some website speed statistics:

  • 82% of consumers say slow page speeds impact purchasing decisions (Unbounce.com).
  • 73% of consumers of your customers would likely try an alternative site if the page they were on were too slow (Eggplantsoftware.com).
  • 8.9 pages are viewed by your shoppers when the load time is 2 seconds, but that drops to only 3.3 pages when the load time is 8 seconds (Section.io).

Structured data markup helps Google discover and understand your website’s content.

Network security configuration – When you add computers to a network, various website security measures need to be implemented to prevent cyber threats. If they are not implemented correctly, your company can be hacked.

Technical SEO –This type of SEO first involves finding and improving performance issues. When done correctly, this results in a better user experience and higher rankings.

User experience (UX) – You want your motorcycle site to be user-friendly. Improving your UX will help your biker target audience find the necessary information quickly and easily, which will improve your conversion rate.

  • 76% of people said the most important website design element is easily finding information (Hubspot.com).

CMS website development – A content management system (CMS) is a software application designed to simplify content management tasks. It also allows your site editors to modify and publish content.

Cross-browser compatibility – You need cross-browser compatibility so your motorcycle site presents the same on different browsers.

Device compatibility – Also, your motorcycle web developer must make your site present properly on all types of devices, which is called device compatibility.

Best Website Development Platform

Next, numerous web platforms are available today to develop your biker site. And yes, Revolution can create or redevelop your biker site on any platform. But here are just a few reasons why our motorcycle web experts prefer WordPress (WP). Note that when we refer to building WordPress websites, we refer to WordPress, WooCommerce, and plug-ins.

First, WP uses open-source code (as opposed to proprietary code). Notably, this platform code lets your biker website developer see all the code. Seeing all the code means you can customize it.

However, proprietary code only lets your developer see part of the code. And this inhibits their ability to optimize your motorcycle site. Subsequently, your website will never rank as high as it can. Proprietary code acts like an SEO ceiling.

In addition, some web platforms are set up to work for any site. But to offer this flexibility, it means that all websites built on the platform will have a lot of extra, unnecessary, and unused code. Most often, this additional code will slow your motorcycle website down. And a slow site means visitors (the people who might give you money) will leave quickly. Also, it hurts your motorcycle website developer’s ability to do excellent technical SEO.

An additional benefit of using WordPress platform is that there are thousands of templates and plug-ins. Plus, they all easily integrate into a WordPress site. In addition, WordPress has its own hosting company, WPEngine, which is specifically designed to host WordPress sites. Subsequently, everyone in the company, from customer service to web developers, is an expert in WordPress.

Successfully Developing a Biker Website

Another suggestion for developing your biker website is to adopt the minimum viable product (MVP) approach. This approach saves you time and money on website design and development.

With this website development approach, only your biker site’s most essential features and functionality are built first. Then, once your MVP site is live for a short period, your web experts review the data. Next, any changes to your motorcycle website’s development strategy are based on data/facts.

And your motorcycle site developer will repeat this process. By following this design process, you’re not developing expensive functionality that doesn’t bring enough value or negative value.

Different Types of Websites

Now, there are numerous types of biker websites. Below are just some of the most popular types of sites:

  • E-commerce motorcycle websites
  • Services sites
  • Brochure sites – Normally, these sites have less than five pages, which is excellent for small biker businesses. If your motorcycle company doesn’t have at least a brochure site, it reflects poorly on your business.
  • Informational motorcycle sites
  • Entertainment websites
  • Motorcycle event sites
  • Non-profit biker sites
  • Membership websites – These sites give your members access to a set of exclusive resources and opportunities. Traditionally, there is a recurring fee for using a membership site.
  • Motorcycle forums
  • Biker blogs

Hopefully, the information answers some of your motorcycle website development questions. But if you need help, Revolution’s search engine & web consultants are a clear choice. Below are some of the reasons.

First, we have 19 years of professional biker web development and online marketing experience. And we are not generalists who work on any website. Instead, we specialize in providing marketing and website services to motorcycle-related companies.

We specialize in the motorcycle industry because expertise matters. Just like you don’t take your Harley to a Ford mechanic, you don’t want your motorcycle site developed or worked on by a generalist web marketing agency.

Second, we have decades of riding experience. Also, we’ve attended hundreds of biker events and been involved in the motorcycle community for 19 years. Subsequently, Revolution Marketing consulting experts knows motorcycles, bikers, and the biker world. Your biker website developer, designer(s), and marketer(s) must have this background. And this is because their work represents and determines your online business success.

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