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Fast, Functional Websites that Convert

It isn’t whether your website works. But whether it works well enough to accomplish your goals. Improving your motorcycle website’s development can help your site’s performance.

Before discussing development strategies, I’ll clarify two terms. Development and design are often used interchangeably. But development relates to your site’s functionality and performance. Then, design is a subcategory of development that focuses on your site’s look.

Below are items that a website developer does:

Mobile-first design – This is where your developer starts with the mobile version of your site first.

One reason is that over half of searches use a mobile device. Another is that Google uses your site’s mobile version to rank your desktop and mobile versions. As a result, if your mobile version isn’t friendly, it hurts your user experience (UX) and rankings.

Site speed optimization – The faster your website, the better. First, people are impatient on the internet. Second, visitors are more likely to stay on a fast site. Third, site speed is a Google ranking factor.

Here are some website speed statistics:

* 82% of riders say slow page speeds impact purchasing decisions (

* 8.9 pages are viewed by your shoppers when the load time is 2 seconds. However, that drops to only 3.3 pages when the load time is 8 seconds (

Technical SEO – This type of SEO involves improving performance issues. This results in better UX and rankings.

* 76% of people said the most important website element is easily finding information (

CMS website development – CMS stands for content management system. It is a software that simplifies content management tasks. Plus, it allows site editors to modify and publish content.

Cross-browser compatibility – This helps your site look the same on different browsers.

Device compatibility – Your web developer must make your present correctly on all devices. This is called device compatibility.

Best Website Development Platform

Next, there are endless web platforms today. And we can develop or redevelop your site on any platform.

Here are a few reasons our web experts prefer WordPress (WP). Note that when I refer to WordPress, I refer to WordPress, WooCommerce, and plug-ins.

First, WP uses open-source code. And this is different than proprietary code. Notably, the WP lets your developer see all the code. And seeing all the code means you can customize it.

However, proprietary code only lets developers see part of the code. And this limits developers’ ability to optimize your motorcycle site. Subsequently, your site will never rank as high as it can. Proprietary code acts like an SEO ceiling.

In addition, some platforms are set up to work for any site. Yes, this offers flexibility. However, all websites on these platforms have unneeded code.

This additional code will slow down your motorcycle website. And a slow site means visitors will leave. Also, it hurts your website developer’s ability to do quality technical SEO.

Another benefit of WordPress is that there are thousands of templates and plug-ins. Better yet, all can be easily integrated into a WP site.

WordPress also has its own hosting company, WPEngine. This company is designed to host WordPress sites, and its employees are experts in WordPress.

Successfully Developing a Biker Website

Another development tip is to adopt the minimum viable product (MVP) approach. This approach saves time and money on your motorcycle website development and design.

With this development approach, only your site’s most essential features and functionality are built first. Then, once your MVP site is live, your web experts review the data. Next, any changes to your development strategy are based on data/facts.

Then, your developer will repeat this process. By following this process, you don’t develop functionality that doesn’t bring enough or negative value.

Different Types of Websites

Below are the types of biker websites we develop. But these are just some of the most popular sites:

  • E-commerce motorcycle websites
  • Services sites
  • Brochure sites: These sites have less than five pages. They work great for small businesses. You need to have a brochure site, at least. If you don’t, it reflects poorly on your business.
  • Informational sites
  • Entertainment websites
  • Motorcycle event sites
  • Non-profit sites
  • Membership websites are valuable assets. They offer members exclusive information and offers. However, they often charge a recurring fee.
  • Motorcycle forums
  • Biker blogs

Hopefully, the above answers some of your motorcycle site development questions. But if you need help, Revolution’s search & web consultants are the clear choice. Just read more about our skills and background.

We specialize in the motorcycle industry because expertise matters. Just as you wouldn’t take your Harley to a Ford mechanic, you don’t want your motorcycle site developed by a generalist agency.

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