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Inbound Links for Motorcycle Sites

Why Quality Links Improve Your Rankings

First, Revolution Marketing regularly gets questions about backlinks. And one common question is, “How do links help my motorcycle website better rankings?”

But before I go further, here’s some overview information on backlinks. Notably, backlinks are also referred to as incoming links or inbound links. Simply put, these are links going into your motorcycle website.

Next, backlinks were the foundation of Google’s early search algorithm. Both then and now, Google views links as vouching that your content is credible and valuable. Additionally, the higher the quality of the links, the better. Still today, inbound links are one of the most important ranking factors. Links are a big part of motorcycle website search engine optimization.

Example of Biker Links Value

Here’s an example of which motorcycle sites’ backlinks have the most value. And for this example, I’ll use a fictitious biker company called Kickstart Motorcycle Jackets (Kickstart).

Let me start with a question about which motorcycle backlinks are the best. Would Kickstart want a link from Harley-Davidson (HD) or Bob’s Liquor Store? The answer is easy: without knowing how to link or off-page SEO for your biker site, a link from Harley is way more valuable.

There are several reasons for this. First, Harley has over 10 million backlinks to its site from quality websites. In addition, HD has some of the best motorcycle companies linking to its site.

Notably, the difference in the backlink value is huge. One reason is that Google views Harley’s website as more credible and authoritative than Bob’s. Importantly, inbound links from credible and authoritative sites bring the most link value.

In addition, Kickstart and HD are in the same industry. And Google values links from relevant websites. Third, Harley follows both the on-page motorcycle SEO and technical-SEO rules. Consequently, Google looks at it as a quality site.

Next, you can only imagine how picky Harley is with whom they link. And a lower number of outbound links is another reason why Google views HD backlinks as much more valuable.

Problematically, Bob’s site links with any site. It is a free-for-all linking site/link farm with hundreds of links on each page. Too many inbound links from link farms will hurt your website’s SEO.

The opposite is true with Harley’s website, as they have a limited number of backlinks on each page. Fewer links mean the “link juice”/SEO value is not divided between as many outgoing links. Also, when you add all the other positive things about Harley’s links, they are incredibly valuable.

In addition, the backlink value from one HD link brings other value. And it is from the direct traffic from link clicks. Plus, having a site mentioned on Harley’s immediately helps your branding.

Although the above is a simple overview of linking, it should help you better understand the value of backlinks. Finally, Revolution can help if you need search engine services.

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