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Motorcycle Site Technical-SEO

Technical SEO Increases Your UX & Rankings

Technical-SEO (search engine optimization) is extremely important for your motorcycle website. Imagine if your website’s rankings went up from the bottom half of the first page to the top half or vice versa. Yes, technical search engine optimization can significantly impact your search rankings this much.

Along with your motorcycle website’s change in rankings, there would also be an increase in your revenue. Notably, significant, positive changes in rankings are common when you have an expert in technical search engine optimization.

And technical SEO also improves the speed of your motorcycle site. Below are some statistics on the importance of a fast site:

* 82% of consumers say slow websites impact their buying decisions (

Other Types of SEO

There are two other categories of search engine optimization:

  1. On-page motorcycle SEO
  2. Off-page motorcycle SEO

Aspects of Tech SEO

Next, here are some different parts of technical search engine optimization:

  • Site speed of a motorcycle website
  • Structured data
  • XML sitemaps
  • Checking for duplicate content
  • Fixing broken links on your biker website.
  • Secure website (SSL/TLS)
  • Canonical tags
  • Responsive website design
  • Clean code (HTML, Java, CSS, etc.)

As noted, improvements in your motorcycle site’s technical-SEO will help improve your website’s performance for end-users. One notable performance improvement is that this SEO improves your page speed. And this will help improve both your search rankings and user experience.

Technical-SEO Definition

A simple definition of technical-SEO is the process of improving various technical aspects of your website. It is done to improve organic search rankings and your site’s user experience (UX).

SEO with Gears, Globes, Arrows, and Magnifying Glasses on it

Fixing Your Biker Site’s Technical Issues

Here’s how to improve your motorcycle website’s technical search engine optimization. To start, you need to use website evaluation tools. After all, you must find the technical issues; these tools will help you find all the technical problems.

Additionally, these tools give you an overview of your website’s overall technical performance. Also, these tools help you to discover technical opportunities to improve your motorcycle site’s SEO, including changes in your website’s content. As opportunities are identified, then SEO strategies are formulated. Finally, the technical changes can be implemented.

Motorcycle Website Example

Below is a motorcycle world example of technical-SEO. First, imagine if there is an amazing-looking motorcycle website design. And let’s say it has revolutionary motorcycle safety and performance products or services. Next, these products aren’t just amazing, but they are also affordable. Of course, this sounds great!

However, the site has several technical search optimization issues. Subsequently, it ranks from 30 to 80 for relevant search term results. As you can imagine, the company’s revenue is practically zero. But what if the website comes up slightly better, but the visitors still leave quickly because their motorcycle site needs to be faster? Of course, the revenue would be very low.

That being said, fixing technical issues will help improve the search rankings and increase the time visitors spend on the site. Both of these items will help the biker company’s revenue. The company would go under if the site’s owner didn’t fix this problem fast. The money they had already spent to develop their motorcycle website, products, inventory, etc., would be wasted. Plus, riders would miss out on their amazing products.

Notably, it is common for motorcycle websites to have technical problems. Often, the cause is that designers and developers aren’t search engine experts. And this is the case even with developers at huge, well-known websites and agencies. Plus, many developers need to learn how technical-SEO is done. And others don’t know what technical changes to look for. Subsequently, the developer and designer are lost and don’t understand why their site is having problems.

Finally, Revolution Marketing can tell you your motorcycle website’s technical search engine optimization problems, and our search consultants can fix them. We can also drastically improve your on-page and off-page SEO. 

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