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Motorcycle E-Commerce Sites

Here’s how to avoid common mistakes when developing your e-commerce motorcycle website.

What Are E-comm Biker Websites?

First, motorcycle e-commerce sites are websites designed to allow companies to sell their products, services, and digital products online.

Platform to Build E-commerce Sites

Revolution Marketing prefers to use WordPress (WP) to develop new e-commerce biker websites. Importantly, we work on all web platforms, but WordPress is the best. Note that I mean WordPress plus WooCommerce and other plug-ins when I refer to “WordPress.”

Next, there are many significant reasons to choose the WordPress web platform. Below are just a few of the benefits of building your e-comm biker site on WordPress:

  1. Thousands of templates and plug-ins easily add functionality to your e-commerce site. These save you time and money without sacrificing the look and functionality of your site. Unlike some other platforms, WordPress doesn’t create SEO problems.
  2. WordPress is easy to use and learn for your company’s owner, and also for your website and search experts.
  3. Also, the WordPress platform allows your motorcycle SEO professional to maximize your SEO site’s results.

Notably, many of the most popular web development platforms have code issues that limit your ability to optimize your e-commerce site. Functionally, these code issues put a ceiling on your site’s search rankings’ potential.

E-Commerce Motorcycle Websites

Basics Elements of E-Comm

Of course, all motorcycle website builds have the web design/template/look. Then there is also the content, pages, navigation, ability to contact customer service, image links to social media sites, logo, graphics, and other standard features.

And when you build an e-comm site for your business, the following are added:

  • Ability to display products in an organized format
  • A shopping cart to add motorcycle products to and accept orders.
  • Ability to charge tax and accept discounts
  • Payment processing system
  • Shipping and tracking software
  • Inventory management software
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software is added, and lets your business keep the customer’s basic information, order details, and communications.

Qualifications for E-Comm Builds

Building your e-commerce site with motorcycle web developers and designers that ride is best. And the reason is that they know the biker world and can deliver what your biker audience must have to buy from your site.

Non-Riders Creating Biker E-comm Sites

But there are some common issues when they don’t ride. One problem is that the site’s look and content will, at some level, read like a non-rider did the work. That will turn off your visitors and hurt your revenue and branding.

Here is a real-world example. Years ago, we had a client who owned a motorcycle superstore. The primary color used on their e-comm website was baby blue. This isn’t an ideal color to appeal to most bikers.

Next, their site had grammar issues, which made it clear that the content was written by someone who was not proficient in English. For instance, one term used on the site was the foreign “motorbike.”

Furthermore, the models for their product pictures did not ride or appeal to their target audience of riders. For instance, one model was a clean-cut, GQ-looking, 19-year-old pictured in an old-school black biker jacket. But the biker website designer’s choice of a model was terrible.

Now, each of the above issues is a turnoff for motorcycle riders. Of course, when you spend a lot of time, effort, and money, the last thing you want is to turn off your target audience. Also, many riders want to buy from companies that know about motorcycles.

Moreover, it makes sense that people are less likely to buy products from an e-commerce biker site when content creators clearly don’t understand their products. It simply kills the target audiences’ confidence in the information about motorcycle products. Plus, many bikers want to buy American-made products.

Losing Customers from Poor Sites

Before this company became one of our clients, I searched online for chaps. And I landed on their e-comm site. But when I saw all these issues noted above, I left.

Then I went to their competitor’s site and bought chaps from them. Unsurprisingly, this is common when non-riders are hired to build your motorcycle e-comm site – prospects leave. Often, they never come back, and revenue is lost.

So, their biker website e-commerce build doesn’t work well in the motorcycle world. They had a high “bounce rate,” i.e., people viewed part of one page and quickly left. Next, the conversion rate of visitors to sales was lower than their competition because potential customers left. Finally, this lowered their sales.

To make matters worse, we found other issues after they became a client. Their web developer did not know technical-SEO. And this was clear as we saw numerous technical performance problems that slowed down their motorcycle website.

One example was that it took too long for their pages to load. Page speed is one important factor Google uses to determine search rankings. Subsequently, this site was coming up lower in search results than it could. Of course, this meant both a lower number of visitors and sales.

In addition, this was a huge problem because people viewed several pages of e-commerce websites before purchasing. But people were leaving before viewing enough pages to make the purchase.

  • 82% of consumers say slow page speed impacts their buying decisions (Unbounce.com).
  • 8.9 pages are viewed by shoppers when the load time is under 2 seconds, but that drops to only 3.3 pages when the load time is 8 seconds (Section.io).

Importantly, no matter what type of site your motorcycle company needs, Revolution Marketing delivers. Our 19 years of professional website and e-commerce design and development have been exclusively in the motorcycle industry.

Also, our motorcycle site SEO and search engine marketing experts have decades of experience riding, attending rallies, and being involved in the motorcycle community. Therefore, the above problems with your motorcycle e-comm website development won’t happen.

Finally, we develop motorcycle e-commerce sites that appeal to riders, have the functionality you need, and have expert search engine optimization. Our fees are similar to those of generalist development and marketing agencies that don’t know the motorcycle world or bikers.

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