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Content that Reads Well, Engages, Ranks & Converts

Guessing and hoping for results is NOT a strategy for creating quality, revenue-generating content for your motorcycle website. It is the strategy for picking winning lotto numbers, and it is rarely successful in either instance.

Let’s say that your content creation guessing strategy occasionally increases your website’s revenue. How do you know what part of your efforts in content creation increased your website’s revenue? Well, you can’t.

And if you are guessing and hoping, you’re likely not changing what increased the revenue. So, this strategy doesn’t work.

* There’s an 80% increase in conversion rate if the landing pages address their fears (

What is Website Content Creation?

Next, content creation marketing includes both written and visual content. Notably, it is an ongoing process.

Your motorcycle website’s content must appeal to your specific target audience of riders. After all, if you’re getting traffic that doesn’t convert, it is a waste of both time and money.

Creating Valuable Motorcycle Website Content

Today, the frustrating and fruitless guessing and hoping strategy for content creation marketing is also unnecessary. The reason is that when you do a content audit, which is a must, you get a lot of important data.

If you are wondering how to increase traffic or sales, auditing your website gives you or your website search engine marketing experts many answers.

Notably, data from your content’s audit doesn’t lie as it is factual. In addition, your website’s data lets you know precisely what is and isn’t working. The data does not just let you know which pages get more traffic. An audit enables you to know which keywords/keyphrases are converting.

Your website audit also gives you information on the demographics of riders who visit and convert into sales, which allows you to determine your best target audience.

Then, with these facts, you or your skilled SEO marketer (who should also know the biker world and ride) can create a new content strategy. Before hiring a marketing agency, you must understand how riders’ and passengers’ marketing skills differ.

Also, you or your agency need to know biker history. Your website’s content creator will implement the new plan after this. After enough new data is collected, the process repeats itself.

Research Before Writing Site Content

Although it is often not done, there should be some other important research before you create content. And it should be done before your biker site is designed. Below are some of the areas of research needed:

Specifically, you need to know if your product or service will sell. Knowing this before you spend a lot of time and money is best.

Target Audience & Keyphrase Research

Additional research is needed after your research determines that your motorcycle business is viable. For instance, you need to identify your target audience.

Keyword/keyphrase research is performed. These steps are essential because a digital content marketer must know whom to target and for what phrases.

Of course, after there is data, your audience and the keyphrases targeted need to be refined. Specifically, your early target audience can be narrower and more accurate.

Subsequently, your audience should be further defined before you pay to advertise your motorcycle business. Improving your target audience and keyphrase strategy will improve your conversation rate, lower costs, and increase revenue.

Writing Quality Motorcycle Website Content

Next, it has been said for decades that “Content is king.” Historically, this phrase noted how vital content was for SEO. Still today, content is one of the most important Google ranking factors.

But in today’s internet world, I prefer to say, “Quality content is king.” My phrase emphasizes that digital content must read well to visitors and search engines.

You also need high-quality website content to convince visitors to buy from your website and optimized content to improve rankings.

After the above is finished, then it is time to write content. Below are some steps, tips, and strategies for writing content for your motorcycle website.

One crucial optimization result to shoot for is featured snippets. These snippets are above the organic Google results and are called position 0. Your site can be in this location for many searches if the page has the correct structure and SEO.

76% of people said the most important element of website design is finding information easily (

Biker Site Content Writing Tips

First, the inverted pyramid model is best for writing quality biker website content. By this, the most important information should be at the top of your pages.

A critical marketing principle is that people are impatient on the internet. Subsequently, visitors must find what they need quickly and easily. Importantly, riders need convincing information in ten to fifteen seconds; they will probably leave if they don’t see it.

Your page title should stand out from the top, and an H1 tag should be used. Note that H tags make text large and bold. The title should also identify the topic of your page.

Next is writing the topic paragraph. Between the page title and topic paragraph, the main points of the page must be persuasively stated. If they aren’t, many riders will leave your biker site.

Another essential item for your biker site is search-engine-optimized content. Writing convincing SEO-friendly content isn’t always easy, but it must be done. After all, it doesn’t matter if your offering, the look of your website, and the content are exceptional if no one sees it.

If your site relies on online income, cutting corners when creating optimized content won’t work. That being said, with an expert in marketing who also knows the biker world, the impact on your site’s revenue can be huge – and it can be huge in the first year alone.

So, having quality, optimized website content is well worth the cost. Finally, when writing content, use short, simple sentences, as they make reading faster and easier.

Examples of Quality Motorcycle Content

You also want to avoid jargon (words only a particular profession understands). Industry jargon makes it difficult for most people to understand. Here are two examples of content for the first sentence of a motorcycle jacket’s e-commerce page:

The first example should be shorter. Next, most motorcycle riders will not even know what the sentence means.

Moreover, the vast majority of riders will not research what this means. Instead, they will leave and buy from another site because people are impatient online.

In addition, the first example has several grammatical errors. Plus, the first example confuses and might even frustrate riders. Of course, that is a big problem because your goal should be to make buying smooth and easy.

Although I wrote the second content creation example quickly, it is better. First, it gives a biker a solid overview of the jacket.

Also, the words “quality,” “thick,” and “protection” are descriptive and understandable. Furthermore, these words are important to both describe the jacket and for marketing. These descriptive words in the second sentence will help your site rank better for various search phrases.

Content Creation Marketing Tips

Another important tip for your biker content marketer is understanding how people read pages. Most people don’t start at the top of a page and read to the bottom. Instead, they read the first few sentences.

Then, people scan the page to find the information they want. Subsequently, to make a page easier to read and scan, here are some content writing tips:

-Use bullet points or lists.

-Subheadings break up the content, and they help your target audience scan the information. Plus, subheadings help your motorcycle website’s SEO rankings.

Note that a subheading is often text in an H tag. Again, these H tags are numbers, and letters are usually in bold and larger font sizes. Since only the page title should be in an H1 tag, these subheadings should be H2 or H3.

-Blank space helps break up your page’s content and make it easier to read.

-Borders around different areas of a site help to separate different sections. An example is on an e-commerce site – there are often lines/borders around each product.

-Limit the number of page templates used on your motorcycle site’s design. For instance, the home and other pages have one template/layout.

And maybe have a second template/layout on an e-comm page or area that shows your products. Having too many templates on a site can be confusing.

-Be descriptive – Creating content for your site is better when it is descriptive. In the example sentences, I mentioned using the word “thick.” Using this word is descriptive and will give your site’s visitors an overview of the biker jacket.

Then, further down the page, the details should be mentioned. The below examples content format is one of many that are effective:

-Infographics are great to use. These are images with text, and they can give your visitors information quickly. Plus, they break up the look of a page with only text.

A well-designed video can quickly, efficiently, and effectively give your biker site visitors the information they need to buy. Plus, many riders prefer to get the information from a video.

-Avoid black hat SEO techniques. This type of approach goes against Google guidelines. And often, this will hurt your rankings.

Problems with Some Content Writers

A quality content creation marketing agency should write compelling content that increases revenue. But it isn’t always that easy. Often, the writer’s first language is not English. Consequently, their content reflects their unfamiliarity with English.

As an example, they might use the word “motorbike.” Now, I have never heard an American biker use that word. Subsequently, it should not be in your motorcycle site’s content.

Also, foreign writers will make other parts of your content sound awkward. As can be expected, this will hurt your sales and brand. Plus, it wastes your business’s money, and this is because these pages will need to be rewritten.

Next, there are some great content writers in the biker world, but they are not SEO experts. Other people know SEO and/or marketing, but they don’t ride bikes, know much about bikers, or live in the biker world.

Another important note is that you must be careful when using artificial intelligence (AI) writers. The AI content can turn off your target audience, and Google has also stated that it will penalize some motorcycle sites using AI.

In summary, it is critical to write compelling content for your motorcycle site that focuses on what’s best for your audience. Again, the focus of everything you do should be what works best for your audience.

Finally, Revolution Marketing has what you need to write quality SEO content that convinces your target audience: marketing skills, biker world knowledge, and riding experience.

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