Mobile-First & Your Motorcycle Site

Below, you will learn what mobile-first is and how it significantly impacts your biker website’s SEO, traffic, and sales.

What Is Mobile-Version First?

Mobile-first is the approach to starting your website design and development with the mobile version first and then the desktop version.

Why Mobile First Is so Important?

Two notable reasons why mobile first is important are below:

-1- Mobile-First & Google

To start, Google uses your motorcycle website’s mobile version to determine how it ranks. Consequently, the mobile version of your site must have excellent motorcycle SEO if you want it to rank well.

Mobile-first best design specifications must be followed to get the best search rankings. One reason for this is that mobile screens are smaller. Subsequently, your biker website designer and developer must make it easy to navigate in smaller dimensions.

-2- Your Biker Site’s Traffic & Mobile

Now, there are many reasons why your biker site’s mobile version matters. But one stands out – over half of your website traffic comes from mobile searches. These visitors must have an excellent experience on your mobile site to generate sales and have solid traffic metrics.

Belief of Two Google Indexes

Although some people believe that Google’s algorithm has a different index for mobile and desktop, this is untrue (per Google). There is only one Google index, where sites are ranked by their mobile version.

Desktop-First Motorcycle Site

Since Google first discussed mobile in 2016, your motorcycle website development agency and designer must know this. And if they don’t, it is hurting your SEO. Today, there are still a lot of web designers and developers who start with the desktop version first.

This creates a problem because there is more room on the desktop version for website design elements (different parts of your biker site’s pages). Subsequently, this leaves your biker site designer and developer trying to shrink the elements to fit on mobile screens. But trying to pack in elements can make it so your mobile site does not follow the best SEO practices. Consequently, your motorcycle website’s SEO will be lower than expected.

Common Mobile Workaround Issue

One common workaround is eliminating some elements on your mobile site version. But this is a big problem because Google wants your desktop and mobile versions to be the same. And what Google wants, Google gets if you wish to have top-notch search rankings, traffic, revenue, etc.

In addition, if your developer and designer remove items from your mobile that aren’t on your desktop version, it can hurt your search rankings for another reason – if they are removing content, navigation, images, or many other items, all these are important for your users’ experience.

In summary, Google has directly stated that they use the mobile version of your website to rank both your mobile and your desktop. So, having an excellent mobile experience helps with your SEO and user experience (UX) for your target audience.

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