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Learn why world-class customer service can significantly help or hurt your rankings. Also, you can learn about how important repeat customers are to your bottom line.

New vs. Repeat Customers

There are ways to increase your motorcycle website’s sales while spending less money! One way is to focus more on reselling to previous customers. Another way to do this is to have your marketing company focus on your site’s customer service experience.  Lifetime Customer Example In another blog article, I explained how Ray Ban’s excellent customer service made me a lifetime […]

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Online Marketing Stats

If you want to survive or expand, excellence in all aspects of your online business is a must. Below are some invaluable biker site marketing statistics. They highlight how critical it is to deliver excellence in your online business.  Website Design Statistics Here are some statistics showing the importance of having a quality motorcycle website

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Customer Service Impact

Quality customer service can significantly impact the revenue of your motorcycle website, but it is often not considered or neglected. Let’s face it, things have changed over the last twenty years. Back then, you could throw up a website, and if you had a motorcycle product the visitor was interested in, they’d buy. Of course,

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