Motorcycle Site Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals (CWVs) are the factors that Google uses to help judge your motorcycle website’s user experience (UX). Importantly, UX is one SEO factor that determines how your site ranks. There are many reasons why you’re not getting the sales you need. One way to improve your sales is by addressing any Core Web Vitals issues, which will help your motorcycle website’s SEO rankings.

Google Usage of CWVs

Revolution Marketing agency often notes that Google is successful because it provides relevant, reliable, and quality results. Some of Google’s Core Web Vitals factors relate to your site’s page loading, interactivity, and visual stability. These factors help determine how fast a visitor can see and interact with your motorcycle site. And they are crucial to your biker target audiences’ UX.

Google Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals’ Factors

Below are the three factors in Google’s Core Web Vitals:

-1- Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – The largest contentful paint measures the performance of your motorcycle site’s page loading. It measures the page speed, which is extremely important to visitors, when someone clicks on a link until the user can see most of your motorcycle website’s design. Note that your site should have an LCP of under 2.5 seconds for a good rating and quality UX.

-2- First Input Delay (FID) – The first input delay measures your biker website’s interactivity. It measures the time a visitor interacts with your site, for instance, by clicking on a website element until the browser responds. Google considers an FID under .1 second/100 milliseconds to be good.

-3- Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – Next, the cumulative layout shift measures the visual stability of your motorcycle site. Have you ever been to a website, and as it loads, different parts of the site move around? This movement, or lack of movement, is the website’s “visual stability.” Your motorcycle website will need an FID of under .1 second/100 milliseconds to be considered good by Google.

As far as improving your Core Web Vitals, it falls under technical-SEO. This means that it is something that your expert motorcycle website developer needs to address.

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