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You can help or hurt your SEO just by how you do URL redirects. Correctly redirecting will also avoid damaging your users’ experience (UX).

What Is a Redirect Code?

Next, a redirect status code is used when users and search engines are sent to a URL different from the one they initially sought. Granted, your motorcycle website’s visitors won’t necessarily understand why a redirect code is used. But Google knows, and it matters.

There are many types of redirects, but below is information on the most common three. Then, there is information on how the redirects impact your motorcycle website’s SEO.

Types of Redirect Status Codes

301 Redirect – This redirect is used when your web page’s URL permanently changes. When there is a 301 redirect, the link value of the original URL is passed to the new URL.

Importantly, you do not want a redirect chain. Simply put, this is where you have a 301 redirect from the original URL to a different URL, and then from that URL, you redirect it to still another different URL. In basic terms, it is a chain of redirects. Furthermore, redirect chains hurt the final page’s user experience because it slows down your biker site.

As you can read on our technical-SEO page, your motorcycle site’s page speed is one thing that determines your site’s rankings. It is also important to your buyer’s experience, and below are some of those statistics:

  • 82% of consumers say slow page speeds impact purchasing decisions (Unbounce.com).
  • 8.9 pages are viewed by shoppers when the load time is 2 seconds, but that drops to only 3.3 pages when the load time is 8 seconds (Section.io).

302 Redirect – Next, the 302 redirect is vague. For a long time, it has been used as a temporary redirect. But it only tells search engines that the page was found in a different location. It does not tell search engines why it was found in a new location.

307 Redirect – Third, the 307 is a newer redirect. It lets search engines know that a page’s URL has temporarily moved.

Notably, these 307 redirects are not vague like 302 redirects. Instead, they are clear that a URL has temporarily moved. Subsequently, you should use 307 redirects instead of 302 redirects. Because these are temporary redirects, the SEO link value is not transferred from the original URL to the temporary URL.

Using 301 Redirects

There are several situations when you want to use 301 redirects on your motorcycle site:

  • If you have moved a page to a new URL.
  • You have deleted a webpage and want to send people to a different page.
  • There is a change in your domain or URL structure.
  • If you switch your biker site to a new domain.

And you can also consolidate variations of a URL. For instance, you might have similar URL variations of your homepages that people get to your biker site with:

  • https://motorcycle-marketing.com/
  • https://www.motorcycle-marketing.com/
  • https://motorcycle-marketing.com/index
  • https://www.motorcycle-marketing.com/index

Adding Motorcycle Site Redirects

Your motorcycle site’s web developers often set up sites so your marketing company or person can add redirects. And your marketing person can change several URLs. Then, large-scale 301 redirects, as well as 302 and 307 redirects, are implemented by your website developer.

Finally, you can read more on our Marketing Academy. All the articles are related to digital website services for your biker business.

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