Evil One® Biker Girls Photoshoot

Here are some pictures of biker girls from an Evil One® photoshoot that Revolution Motorcycle Marketing helped set up several years ago.

The shoot was done at a friend’s salvage yard. And we used our Harleys and some friends’ Harleys for the shoot. The girls wore and posed in Evil One® biker tees and baseball hats.

Red on a Harley with ApehangersRed Biker Girl wearing Hell Bent for Speedent-g1cSSP sitting on a Harley wearing Demonhead TeeSSP Sitting onRed wearing Skull & Wrenches TeeRedhead Biker Girl wearing Evil One hatEvil One J wearing biker baseball hat

Since it was a perfect day, after the formal shoot, more pictures of these hot Evil One® girls were taken for fun. Evil One® used the finished pictures on their motorcycle website, social media, and motorcycle SEO.

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