Online Marketing Stats

If you want to survive or expand, excellence in all aspects of your online business is a must. Below are some invaluable biker site marketing statistics. They highlight how critical it is to deliver excellence in your online business.  Website Design Statistics Here are some statistics showing the importance of having a quality motorcycle website […]

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Rider vs. Passenger Marketing

First, there’s a big difference between motorcycle riders’ and passengers’ marketing skills. Having a motorcycle website and search engine services expert who rides is indispensable. Specifically, the reason is that nothing can substitute for what you learn and know by riding. And this applies to any biker website’s marketing person whose content your audience sees.

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Featured Snippet for Merkel Motorcycle Search Result

Featured Snippet

What is the search engine result listed above the organic Google search results? These are featured snippets, and Google added them in 2014. Notably, they can bring a lot of value to your motorcycle website. Next, featured snippets are also called “answer boxes“ since they aim to deliver searchers’ “answers” quickly. Another term used for a

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Customer Service Impact

Quality customer service can significantly impact the revenue of your motorcycle website, but it is often not considered or neglected. Let’s face it, things have changed over the last twenty years. Back then, you could throw up a website, and if you had a motorcycle product the visitor was interested in, they’d buy. Of course,

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Discounts & Quality Conflict

Frequent and significant discounts can kill your motorcycle company’s positioning and lower your sales. Yes, discounting is something companies frequently do. And it can significantly and negatively impact your company’s bottom line.  Next, there are many pros and cons to offering discounts. One con that I’ll highlight is that they can hurt your marketing positioning

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History of the Biker

You must have solid motorcycle-world knowledge for good marketing. Your marketing person’s efforts are the link between your motorcycle website and your target audience. As a result, your internet marketing and biker world experts must have both. Below is an article explaining the history of the term “biker.” Let me start with information on the term “biker.”

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Harley Buyback

The Harley-Davidson buyback from AMF was historic and significantly impacted the biker world. This will also help you understand how to market your motorcycle business, which is key. Importance of Motorcycle-World Knowledge Here’s how knowing about the Harley buyback and other motorcycle world knowledge and history will help your internet marketing. HD Buyout by AMF

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Sturgis Vending Info

First, the 2024 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be held from August 2 to 11. On average, 500,000 riders attend each year, making it the largest biker rally in the US. Notably, in 2015, 700,00 riders participated in the 75th annual Sturgis Rally. With the above numbers, this is a great rally to sell at. Next,

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Increase Sales at Rallies

You put in a lot of work to vend at motorcycle events. So, it is important to maximize your sales. Here are two common questions about how to vend at motorcycle rallies we get: 1. How do I get more visitors to my booth/tent at rallies?2. What are some tips to generate more sales at

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